Court yard, Riven flags & Cobbles

Flagstones are synonymous with old country kitchens and medieval church floors, giving any area a simultaneous air of class and age. From the Old Norse word flaga, meaning slab or chip, flagstone is a generic reference to a sedimentary rock which has been split into layers. The most readily found flagstones are made from sandstone which is composed of both quartz and feldspar which is bound by silica, calcite or iron oxide. These binding agents provide the unique colour variations in flagstone, most often red, blue or buff but available in a wider (if rarer) range of colours.

In reality flagstones are simply oversized slabs of paving stone which have a naturally aged appearance. In terms of durability, flagstone is heat resistant (great for kitchen areas) and robust in most weather conditions, making it an obvious choice for patios or paths. Using flagstone through your kitchen and out into the garden will provide an elegant connection and continuation between the two. Flagstone does need sealing, particularly if it is limestone but regular sealing will ensure your floors and paths last for many years to come.

Here at ARPurnell, we offer blue lias and natural flagstones in various finishes. Here is a rough guide to how the stone is treated and the varied choice available to you.

  • We saw our flagstone on all four edges to a set width but provide random lengths with varied thickness; this brings interest to the eye once laid in place.
  • Flagstone can be used on walls as well as floors and an excellent choice for visual effect in bathrooms.
  • It is also an excellent accompaniment to underfloor heating as the stone readily absorbs and emits the heat from beneath. It also aids in retaining a constant ambient temperature within a room and so helps to repel damp issues.
  • If you are looking to keep the natural look of the stone then choose a honed matt finish. Honing uses an abrasive technique to flatten the surface of the stone. We can also provide highly polished honed stone which is a perfect choice if you are looking for a luxurious and contemporary style rather than rustic and aged. Our stone is honed to a dark blue, almost black colour and is speckled throughout with shell and calcite deposits.
  • Bush hammered stone provides a pocked effect on its surface together with a non-slip surface. Colours range from a light to medium blue and grey.
  • Sandblasting flagstone smooths out the surface and removes blemishes. The finished result is very similar to that of bush hammering.
  • To further add the feeling of age and character to your flooring you could choose our tumbled flagstones. The stone is simply tumbled in a mix of water and smaller stones to give it soft, rounded edges and an instant air of antiquity.

Whatever your choice of flooring, you can be assured that all our stone is of the highest quality, quarried here at Ashen Cross and all embedded with the most stunning colours and deposits available on the market today.